CSA Shares

We have two ways to get your share to you; 

- You can pick up your share at the farm on Fridays between 3pm-6pm.
- You can pick up your share at a designated "host house" pick up location on Fridays at 11am in Ruckersville.

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Vegetable Shares

Summer shares come in full and half shares and run for 24 weeks from late May/early June through October. 

​Fall shares run from October through November.

Whippoorwill's vegetables are grown using organic methods and practices which produce a tastier and more flavorful mouthful than conventional grown products. It all starts in the ground with the dirt. Our soils are cared for and nurtured just like the veggies we grow. Crop rotation, beneficial bacterias, suitable composts and other natural amendments help produce a soil base that plants love and thrive in. Once the plant is sprouted above the ground beneficial insects, hand weeding/pruning and spring fed irrigation provide the atmosphere for each plant to express its maximum potential.  

$725 Summer Full Share (24 weeks)
$395 Summer Half Share (24 weeks)


Beyond Free Range, our ladies are like gypsies, spending a few days in a section of the pasture before moving on to fresh ground to forage on. They follow our cows pasture rotation, sanitizing and fertilizing the soil as they move in their custom built chicken train coop where they roost at night and are protected from predetors. About 50% of their diet forage they find on pasture and is augmented with a high protien, non-GMO, soy free feed.

Once you try one of our eggs, you'll never buy  them from a grocery store again! The fresh orange yolk stands up proud in the skillet, the whites are rich and creamy. Nutrional values, such as Omega 6, are much higher and healthier in pastured laying hen eggs then in industrial raised birds or birds kept in a large pen without being able to forage.

$125 Egg Share (24 weeks)

Grass Fed/Grass Finished Beef

Our Angus beef cattle are born and raised on the farm and are never given any antibiotics or growth hormones. They have a diet of natural and planted grasses, clover, alfalfa and whatever medicinal weeds they need through browsing the pastures that they are rotated in. They receive hay in the winter from local feilds that are not sprayed with sythentic fertilizers or weed control sprays. Our chickens and pigs follow them, cleaning up and adding their own fertilizer, and that helps to break down an enviornment that pathogens can develope in. They always have free access to browse, water and shade/shelter.

We have a small, young herd of pure blood Wagyu cattle that we will offer shares for sometime in 2018. Wagyu is a breed from Japan that is known around the world as Kobe beef and is an extremely delicious and healthy meat that is almost imposssible to obtain in the USA given that only about 1,000 pounds is imported annually. Most American Kobe Beef is meat from cross breeding Wagyu with Angus, which is still a much primer grade cut than USDA prime, but we will offer meat from both pure bred Wagyu as well as Wagyu/Angus cross.

$600 Beef Share (approx. 65-70lbs) Assortment of cuts
$1,100 Beef Share (approx. 135-140lbs) Assortment of cuts
$215 Ground Beef Share (One 1lb loose pack for 24 weeks) 

​Forage Raised Heritage Pork

Whippoorwill raises two breeds of pigs, American Guinea Hog and Mangalista. Both are what is considered a lard hog, which means that the meat has much more flavor than that of meat from other traditional breeds and even other Heritage breeds. The meat is red and marbled like beef and richer in healthy Omega 3s and 6s. These are what is considered "slow food", often taking up to 2 years to get to the proper size, but more than worth the wait! These breeds are considered to be the "Kobe" of pork and are sought after by fine dining chefs who want to impress.

Our pigs are naturally born and raised here on the farm on pasture and have access to native forage in the woods for acorns, wild pears, berries, persimmons and other forbes as well as insects, snakes and earthworms. They are given high quality legume hay in the winter and don't receive any grain. In fact, grain is unhealthy for them and too much can effect their reproductive systems and their overall health.

Southern HeritagePork Share $500 (approx. 75lbs) Assortment of cuts
Sausage Share $125 (One 1lb loose or link sausage pack for 24       weeks in a rotating variety of flavors; breakfast sage, hot Italian, German garlic, spicey hot links)
Mangalitsa Pork Share $695 (approx. 75lbs) Assorment of cuts